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Technology that precisely tracks human vital signs without contact, from a distance, and through objects.

Purple Mattress &
RemWave® Sleep

Available in select Purple Showrooms.

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Intelligent Sleep

Getting quality sleep is important for recovery and performance. RemWave® Sleep and our B2B partnerships will make it easier than ever to understand your personal and family sleep wellness.

Beyond Sleep

The power of BioFi will scale to reach more people in more ways.

Crib Mobile

Infant Monitoring

BioFi provides parents and caregivers support for infants and children in the home and on the move by helping develop healthy sleep practices and providing peace of mind to caregivers while monitoring vital signs and motion.

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Remote Monitoring

Biofi’s ability to precisely identify and track heart rate in real-time and HRV and respiration automatically without contact will greatly contribute to reduced costs during and throughout human recovery in alternative settings.  


Mobile Safety

Integrated real-time presence detection in the automotive industry will bring a new level of safety to the motoring public.

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Intelligent Security

BioFi security will change the home, office, and homeland security paradigm through its ability to detect vital signs and distinguish human presence.

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Predictive Data

Mass adoption of BioFi technology in a wide spectrum of environments will improve the management of health by identifying patterns in biometric data.

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