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Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuously monitor patients' vitals signs and health data from anywhere.

Remote patient monitoring offers benefits to both providers and patients alike, fostering early detection, improved outcomes, and increased patient engagement.

How it Works


Secure, wireless devices transmit compliant data to our RPM platform.


Easily access patient data, notes, and important health trends.


Customizable alerts for patients at any stage.


Share information with your team, patients, and other partners.


Get reimbursed for qualified activities and services provided.

Patient Benefits

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Provide easy-to-use solutions to your patients while improving patient awareness.

Medical Worker

Provider Benefits

Enhance patient care, simplify compliance, and earn additional revenue for your practice

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Our Solution

BioFi RPM Platform Overview

Increased Revenue Funnel

Our platform integrates resources and compliant tracking tools for medical billing CPT codes, audit reports, health charting, and notes capture.

Patient Engagement Tools

We take a personalized approach combining human & digital connections and tools to improve patient awareness and engagement in their health.

Helpful Staff

BioFi provides additional resources for onboarding and management support, so physicians can put more time into providing care to their patients while adding revenue to their practice.

Propietary Technology

Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced software-led and hardware-enabled solutions in heart rate monitoring tech & CGMs on the market.

Enhanced Care
Increased Revenues

Adopting BioFi into your practice has the potential to significanlty increase revenue. 100 patients can bring more than $170,000 annually in added revenue.

Independent & Specialty Practices

Assisted Living Facilities

Home Health Agencies


Get Started

Build Revenue and Improve Patient Care.

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