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About Us

We are tirelessly working on technical solutions to enrich the quality of life and safety of loved ones.

Our Story

BioFi technology was created with the purpose of preventing unnecessary tragedy and making life better and safer. Our story began in the summer of 2016 when a few infant hot car deaths occurred in a short span of time. The realization that these should have been prevented put us into action and gave birth to the vision of a technology that would ultimately be able to detect and monitor signs of life without any touch. In the early days of the company we named our company Praesidium for this purpose. Praesidium is a Latin term meaning to guard, help and protect.

Meet the Team


Panagiotis Giannoulis

Machine Learning Engineer


Miklos Zoltan

Lead Embedded Systems Architect


Glenn Osness

UX/UI Designer


Christos Tzamos

Machine Learning Engineer


Stefanie Campbell

Lead Human Resource/Admin


Palmer Turley

Machine Learning Engineer


Colin Clark

Hardware Engineer

Scientific Advisory Board

As we move our technology out of the lab and into commerce, we have empaneled a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of leading medical professionals from outside of the company to bring every-day relevance to the endless possibilities for this technology.

Learn more about our Scientific Advisory Board


We have invested heavily in research and development and brought the best minds together to make our BioFi technology a reality.


See our journey so far...


Focus on healthcare SaaS platform & pilots launched in senior living.

Initiated FDA 510(k) Clearance process

Initiated 3rd-party clinical trials of the BioFi technology and RemWave sensor

Seeking Series A1 Funding to scale


Featured on a national tech documentary

Stood up SAB

Continuous R&D for additional verticals

Secured Primary & Secondary CMs

Secured B2B Partnerships in Smart Sleep

Developed a commercial application


BioFi technology introduced to prospective B2B partners


First Patents Filed

(7 patents filed to date)

Early Seed Money Acquired


Three additional JDAs executed in Remote Patient Monitoring

First B2C beta sale & initial GTM test targeting sleep.

Partnership with Purple Mattress


Three JDAs executed in Intelligent Sleep

Expanded Software & hardware engineering team

Secured a Late Seed/Early A round

First patent granted

2018 - 2019

Honed accuracy of algorithm with hundreds of live subjects


Founded with NASA scientists

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