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Scientific Advisory Board

Since its inception, Praesidium has been rooted in validated science and exhaustive Research & Development around new and disruptive applications for our non-contact vital sign detection technology – which we call BioFi.  The technical and practical possibilities for our BioFi technology are vast.  As we move our technology out of the lab and into commerce, we have empaneled a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of leading medical professionals from outside of the company to bring every-day relevance to the endless possibilities for this technology.  The Praesidium SAB’s charter is twofold:


Provide on-going technical guidance on what constitutes “Best Practice” and “Generally Accepted Guidelines” for data interpretation related to human Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, and Respiration, among other vital sign data.


Challenge the company to pursue additional Research & Development possibilities for our BioFi technology.  These possibilities are often born from stimulating debate and discussion among the SAB members with questions that typically starts with “What if...?” and “Have we considered...?”

Meet Our Advisors

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