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BioFi Technology

Praesidium’s patented BioFi technology uses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms along with state-of-the-art sensors to find and track human vital signs from a distance, through solid objects, and without any touch or contact with the person being monitored. ​Praesidium’s BioFi technology has been honed over the last 6+ years. It accurately and precisely detects, tracks and measures human vital signs without any physical contact (up to ~6 feet from a subject). This can be done through materials like bed frames (including hospital beds), mattresses, box springs, clothing, and even through walls if needed.

Pin-point accuracy

BioFi technology detects, tracks, and precisely measures human vital sign data without physical contact.


Our BioFi sensor can detect presence, motion, heart rate, and respiration without physical contact, from a distance and through solid objects.


Our AI and ML algorithms enable us to monitor heart rate with an extraordinarily high rate of accuracy that is on par with medical devices found in many hospitals.


BioFi technology can detect human presence and monitor heart rate in real-time. And with our app you can view this from anywhere.

Our Vision for BioFi

The ability to monitor vital signs with this level of accuracy without any physical contact will pave the way for innovation we've yet to see.

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