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Infant Monitoring

Supporting parents in infant sleep wellness


Praesidium has been working with various stakeholders in the Infant/Child space to commercialize a non-contact baby monitor. Our Wink sensor and accompanying app will bring peace of mind to parents and caregivers in 2023.


Under Crib

Our Wink Baby monitor will allow parents of infants 0-3 years old to better support their young one's growth and development. Praesidium’s proprietary BioFi technology captures baby’s heart rate and movement in real-time, contact-free, so you can rest assured they are sleeping soundly.


Tools for Parents

Our Wink Baby app provides parents with the tools and insights they need to help their baby develop and live a happy life.


Over Crib

Having a visual of your newborn along with key vitals is essential to having peace of mind your child is resting peacefully. That's why we are working on a whole-package solution for managing your baby's sleep and wellness.

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