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Intelligent Sleep

Making sleep data comfortable.


BioFi technology will disrupt smart sleep commerce through our direct-to-consumer sleep sensor, RemWave Sleep, and through B2B partnerships.

RemWave_Top View_Green LED Final.jpg

Under Bed

RemWave Sleep is a powerful sleep companion that can simply be placed under a bed and passively monitor motion, heart rate, and other sleep data. The RemWave Sleep sensor will be available direct-to-consumer in early 2023.


Bed Integration

We have partnered with a  leading mattress manufacturer to pair our BioFi technology with the mattress for a luxury sleeping experience that provides consumers with deep insights into their sleep quality.


Intelligent Adjustments

Our partnership with a leading expert in pressure adjustment systems will enable our BioFi technology to automatically make adjustments to sleep comfort based on sleep conditions. 


RemWave Sleep

Non-Contact Sleep Analysis


The future of sleep

Shipping in early 2023

Remote Vital Sign Monitorin

BioFi's ability to precisely identify and track heart rate and respiration will facilitate and shift patient care to less expensive care settings for patient recovery. It will also provide assisted living & nursing home settings with actionable vital sign & presence detection information automatically.

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