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Intelligent Sleep

Making sleep data comfortable.


We've introduced BioFi technology into the consumer market with a direct-to-consumer sleep sensor, RemWave Sleep and will further disrupt

smart sleep commerce through B2B partnerships.

RemWave_Top View_Green LED Final.jpg


RemWave® Sleep is a powerful sleep companion that can be placed under a bed and passively monitor motion, heart rate, and other sleep data. The RemWave® Sleep sensor is currently in the market through direct-to-consumer sales via our website.


Retail Integration

We are partnering with leading mattress manufacturers to pair our BioFi technology with the mattress for a luxurious sleeping experience that gives consumers deep insights into their sleep quality.

Sharing a Bed

Intelligent & Personal

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning BioFi technology will be able to provide personalized feedback, insights, and training to maximize sleep quality.


RemWave® Sleep

Non-Contact Sleep Analysis


The future of sleep

Now Available

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